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The Group Blue Soft

For over 15 years, the Blue Soft group has been uniting blue talents in the great ocean of the industrialization of the digital economy. Made up of digital services companies, it supports organizations in the implementation of their transformations. It works with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects. Its entities sail different seas: consulting, cloud, infrastructure, agile development, UX and UI, engineering and Microsoft solutions.

Our course

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We are committed to the development of all our employees, affirming our values and asserting the identity of our Group and its entities. We prefer a structure that guarantees managerial proximity. The blue flow website enables us to navigate while staying on course.

In concrete terms :

  • The autonomy of our business units is a priority
  • A smooth integration strategy
  • Inclusion is a daily task
  • Our ambition is to position the Group as a major service player in Europe over the next 5 years.

900 900 Blue Soft employees

13 13 Business Units in 9 cities

+ 100 + 100 million sales in 2023

The beginnings of our adventure

Launched in 2008 by serial entrepreneurs Ludovic and Thierry (our directors), blue flow , supported by the Blue Soft group, continues to grow. It welcomes new structures and collaborators, while continuing to develop those who have already joined. In a logic of smooth integration, the additions follow one another but are not alike, and today 13 Business Units make up our proud ship.

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