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For 15 years, Blue Soft group has been uniting talents in the great adventure of industrializing the digital economy for businesses and the public sector. We are at the helm of organizations as they implement their transformations, and work with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects.
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The Blue Soft group, is above all men and women, an adventure materialized by strong personalities.
Frédérique MauryGroup Human Resources Director Blue Soft
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Sharing a common philosophy

Cohesion, commitment and excellence are the values of the Blue Soft group. As the compass for all our actions, they enable us to offer our talented people a philosophy that combines their professional and personal projects in complete serenity.

Our philosophy & values

With commitments and concrete actions

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Aware of the environmental and societal challenges facing organizations, we work with our employees to develop concrete CSR initiatives, our inclusion policy and our support for associations through our in-house collaborative program.

Our CSR actions
View of the Eiffel Tower
City of Aix-en-Provence
Maison de l'arbre d'or in Brussels
City of Geneva and its water jet
View of Lyon from the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière
Blue Soft in Niort
Rouen's Big Clock
Dôme de la Grave, Toulouse
Strasbourg - Blue Soft in this city.

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