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Accounting, management & administration

With its administrative and accounting functions, and its meticulous management, the Blue Soft group is on the right track!

5 5 different jobs

10 10 business units within the same group

25 25 group talents

Sales Administrator

Our teams ensure that sales activities run smoothly, maintain customer relations and play an essential role in customer satisfaction.

Management controller

Always there to ensure enlightened financial management, provide relevant data, and contribute to improving the company's economic performance.

Office Manager

These guardian angels facilitate a productive, organized work environment, solve problems and make decisions to keep the office running smoothly.


Our accountants play an essential role in the company's financial management, ensuring that transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with current regulations. Invoices and various declarations hold no secrets for these committed and vital teams.

Payroll manager

These talents manage a central point for everyone else blue talents when the end of the month comes...payroll! They ensure that our teams are paid accurately and in compliance with current payroll laws and regulations.

Financial Controlling is a very rewarding job, as it gives you an insight into all the Group's activities. This job obviously requires rigor to consolidate and present the results of the Group and its subsidiaries. But you also need to be inquisitive to seek to understand the figures in order to d‍'‍apporter éléments d‍'‍analyse pertinent to Management.
Laure HerserantManagement Controller

Our professions in the business units

Are you interested in careers in accounting, finance and administration? Would you like to know which BU to choose?
Blue Soft Belgium building in Brussels

Blue Soft Belgium

Our IT specialist in Belgium.
Blue Soft Holding building in Charenton-le-Pont

Support functions Blue Soft

Support functions at Blue Soft, from accounting to human resources and communications.
Corridor in the Charenton-le-Pont premises

Cloud Infrastructure

The expert in infrastructure management, transformation and automation.
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Code Insider

The Software Craftmanship specialist.
Woman with back working on her computer

Digital Factory

Our expert in designing digital solutions.
Lyon team working on computer


Our Microsoft ultra-specialist.
Team Partners during a team afterwork

Team Partners

Our IT specialist in Switzerland.

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