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To produce our customers' digital solutions from A to Z, 9 professions work together in our teams, using agile methods to build together, from design to final testing.

9 9 different jobs

8 8 Business units within the same group

220 220 group talents

Our business lines

Front‍-‍end developer

Our front-end development teams are responsible for optimizing the ergonomics and navigation of the solutions we develop. In particular, they work on design, responsiveness and server compatibility.

Aficionados of the programming languages HTML, CSS and Javascript, these profiles must have a creative mind, an interest in visual elements and the desire to work in a team at the heart of our agile approach.

Developer back‍-‍end

Our back-end development teams are responsible for designing all the technical elements essential to the operation of digital solutions. In particular, they work on site robustness and security.

Aficionados of programming languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, C# or Java, these profiles need to have a good methodology, rigor and above all a team spirit to fit in with our agile practices.

Full stack developer

Our full-stack development teams are involved in all phases of a project. They program the foundations and interface of a web solution, from design through development to production.

A veritable Swiss army knife, they bring together back-end and front-end skills.

These talents need to demonstrate rigor, patience and perseverance. They have a knack for adapting to new languages and development methods.

QA Tester

Our QA (Quality Assurance) testing teams are responsible for testing all the functionalities of the tools we have developed, and for monitoring modifications.

True chameleons capable of putting themselves in the place of the various user roles, test teams must also have the eagle eye that will detect every last bug.

Tech lead

Our tech leads lead and support IT teams in the design, development and implementation of innovative IT solutions. Their aim is to develop our customers' technical and IT projects.

Tech Leads must wear three hats: development, management and project management.

Low code developer

Our low-code development teams design applications using simplified visual tools to speed up the development process.

Rapid and qualitative, these new approaches enable profiles with good development or application skills to have a global vision of the product and question application choices rather than technological options.

Scrum master

At the heart of the Scrum approach, the Scrum masters' objective is to help the development team move forward autonomously, while constantly striving to improve.

As the interface between the team and the outside world, his role is to protect his comrades from any element likely to disrupt their functioning and concentration.

Product Owner - Product Manager

Our Product Owners are in charge of satisfying our customers' needs by successfully delivering the digital solutions imagined and developed by our teams.

As agile product managers, product owners must optimize value and transform customer needs into value.

Data Analyst

The role of data analysts is to collect, analyze and interpret data to provide key information for informed, strategic decisions.

In charge of processing the information gathered through various channels, their aim is to facilitate decision-making at management level.

In my conception of testing and development in general, c‍'‍est qu‍'‍on est une équipe, c‍'‍est‍-‍à dire qu‍'‍there are product owners, project managers, developers and testers alike. They're all part of the same d‍'‍ team, and in fact, you need d‍'‍ team cohesion because anyway [...] we're going to have to d‍'‍ each other.
Arnaud WaletQA Manager at Blue Soft

Our professions in the business units

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Blue Soft Belgium building in Brussels

Blue Soft Belgium

Our IT specialist in Belgium.
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Code Insider

The Software Craftmanship specialist.
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Digital Factory

Our expert in designing digital solutions.
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Our Microsoft ultra-specialist.
Bottom view of the Blue Soft building in Charenton-le-Pont


Group management specialist Blue Soft.
Office fitted out for teleworking


The data specialist and user-centric digital transformation.
Team Partners during a team afterwork

Team Partners

Our IT specialist in Switzerland.

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