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Digital Factory, expert in designing digital solutions

As part of a process digitization approach, Digital Factory is an expert in the development of innovative digital solutions.

A team to support the development of digital projects

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The Digital Factory takes care of the digitalization of its customers' activities, while maintaining a relationship of trust through four strong values: proximity, agility, expertise and excellence. The Digital Factory is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in design, development and production.

A counterpart to the Blue Soft group, the Digital Factory specializes in the design of digital solutions, and complements the group's other activities. These synergies are still based on the same approach to process digitization.

15 15 million d‍'‍euros in sales by 2022

120 120 employees

3 3 service centers across France

The Digital Factory's main areas of expertise

PO as a service

Manage products, prioritize the backlog and write User Stories.

Architect as a service

Manage the design and implementation of complex architectures.

Development Agility as a service

Manage application projects and master production in agile mode.

QA as a service

Transparent application testing.

Responding to digital issues and challenges

Our customers

Our specialists work with companies in the healthcare, industrial and non-profit sectors, focusing on the following challenges:

  • Digitizing their processes
  • UX-centric transformation
  • Information system


Employee benefits

Among the benefits offered by our BU you can find the following:

  • Employer pays 60% of health insurance premiums
  • Provision of a luncheon voucher with 60% reimbursement.
  • 50% reimbursement of public transport season tickets


Because our blue talents have every right to take a break, we offer you :

  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Time off in accordance with the Syntec agreement for executives
  • Exceptional leave, whether for sickness, parental leave, marriage, PACS or death.


In addition to the package offered to our employees, our BU offers bonuses:

  • Vacation bonus paid in June
  • Co-optation bonuses paid upon validation of co-opted comrades' trial period
  • Business referral bonuses paid upon signature of the talent opportunity


To work in the best conditions, our Blue Soft Digital Factory talents have at their disposal :

  • A computer adapted to their needs and supplied with an adapter
  • A helmet
  • A bag to carry your equipment
  • An ergonomic office chair for the office and, on request, for the home
  • Dual screens on demand for the office and home!

For people with disabilities or with an occupational health recommendation, we naturally provide adaptations to the work environment.


To help our talented staff feel even more at home blue flow, we offer teleworking with :

  • 3 days a week per talent

Additional benefits

If we haven't convinced you to join us by now, here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy as part of our team:

  • End-of-year gift vouchers
  • Access to the Hello CSE platform
  • Participation in the financing of a sporting or cultural activity each year
  • A digital safe for life
  • 1% housing rental and purchase for first-time buyers
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In-house support to help you grow during your adventure

Depending on your wishes or the needs of your mission, you will have access to training or certification in Scrum, Agility, Microsoft, or technical training in languages such as Java, C#/.NET or Angular.

Digital Factory and you

The Digital Factory's talented team will support you throughout your adventure. From the moment you arrive, and every day, you'll benefit from a close-knit management team that will guide you in your continuous skills development.
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Pre-qualification, recruitment interviews and Coding Game test.
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Equipment pick-up and on-site team presentation.
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Everyday life

Support, encounters and sharing throughout the adventure. Operational support is a priority in the follow-up of your career. You'll be invited to a series of key meetings.
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Training and development

Upgrading thanks to numerous training courses and certifications.

Daily life at the Digital Factory

Who's calling the shots?

Fabien RICO

Director Blue Soft Digital Factory

Zine El Abidine DJELOUAH

Paris Service Center Manager

Sandrine LANCRE

Rouen Service Center Manager


Lyon Service Center Manager

Digital Factory, certification and accreditation as a guarantee of quality

The Digital Factory is approved for the Research Tax Credit. This accreditation demonstrates the team's ability to carry out research and development work.

Since 2023, it has also been certified Service France Garantie. By opting for proximity, this Service France Garantie certification ensures that our teams benefit from French employment contracts and all the protection that French law provides in terms of employment.

Finally, it has technology partners such as Microsoft, Powell, Xamarin, Sociable, K2Corp, Letmeknow and Nedap, as well as strategic partners such as Atypie and Club Agora Mobility Management.

How to find us


14 place Coupole
94220 Charenton-le-Pont


5 Rue Jacques Monod
76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan


39 rue des Docks
69009 Lyon

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