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Steering & transformation

These professions support and guide our customers in achieving their various levels of transformation and accompanying their projects through blue flow.

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The PMO, or Project Management Officer, is the person in charge of project monitoring and management. He's the technical expert in project management. He provides methodological support to the project manager.

Project Manager

The project manager makes decisions and steers the team within a project. It's a central role in project management, defining objectives, planning milestones, allocating resources and ensuring communication between stakeholders.

Assistance à la Maîtrise d‍'‍Ouvrage (project management assistance)

The AMOA plays a crucial role in the success of projects, acting as an intermediary between users and technical teams. The project owner's role is to ensure that what is produced complies with the requirements, constraints and needs of those for whom the project is being carried out.

Assistance to the owner‍'‍Œuvre

The AMOE provides technical expertise, monitoring the progress of the work and ensuring compliance with the standards and specifications supplied by the AMOA. The project manager is responsible for carrying out the work as requested.

Scrum master

At the heart of the Scrum approach, the Scrum masters' objective is to help the development team move forward autonomously, while constantly striving to improve.

As the interface between the team and the outside world, his role is to protect his comrades from any element likely to disrupt their functioning and concentration.

Product Owner - Product Manager

Our product owners are in charge of satisfying our customers' needs by successfully delivering the digital solutions imagined and developed by our teams.

As agile product managers, product owners must optimize value and transform customer needs into value.

Change management consultant

Our change management consultants are key players in the success of our customers' projects.

Acting as true conductors, they ensure that the new tools and processes are adopted, through training, communication and information initiatives. The aim is to ensure that each and every user understands the value of the transformations that are taking place, and takes advantage of the new features to integrate them into his or her day-to-day professional life.

In their suitcase: organization, empathy, pedagogy and a lot of listening!

A project c‍'‍is a vector of change at the heart of‍'‍an organization: a work organization, a team, resources, means and people who are going to work together and who are going to have a way of working together.
Guillaume RaoulConsultant Manager PMP and trainer

Our professions in the business units

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Blue Soft Belgium building in Brussels

Blue Soft Belgium

Our IT specialist in Belgium.
Blue Soft Holding building in Charenton-le-Pont

Support functions Blue Soft

Support functions at Blue Soft, from accounting to human resources and communications.
Corridor in the Charenton-le-Pont premises

Cloud Infrastructure

The expert in infrastructure management, transformation and automation.
Woman with back working on her computer

Code Insider

The Software Craftmanship specialist.
Woman with back working on her computer

Digital Factory

Our expert in designing digital solutions.
Bottom view of the Blue Soft building in Charenton-le-Pont


Group management specialist Blue Soft.
Lyon team working on computer


Our Microsoft ultra-specialist.
Kitchen corner in our Charenton-le-Pont premises

Le Renard Bleu

Our digital agency specializing in UX and UI.
Office fitted out for teleworking


The data specialist and user-centric digital transformation.
Team Partners during a team afterwork

Team Partners

Our IT specialist in Switzerland.

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