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Team Partners, IT specialists in Switzerland

Team Partners has been our IT specialist in French-speaking Switzerland since 1998. We have grown from 3 people at the outset to around 50 today.

Team Partners, one of Switzerland's Top 50 ESNs

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Team Partners has been providing IT services since 1998, serving a Swiss clientele of SMEs and large companies, both private and public. We are present in three cantons in French-speaking Switzerland: Geneva, Martigny and Fribourg.

6 6 million CHF sales ‍'‍affaires

50 50 number of employees at l‍'‍enterprise

72 72 l‍'‍ICT Journal's top 100 ESNs

A multi-expertise ESN in Switzerland

Talent incubator

Our aim at Team Partners is to match your profile with the skills required by our customers, so that together we can build your adventure.

Product thinking and solution creation

Create, design and maintain digital solutions in line with our customers' strategies.

Data governance and usage

- Customer data analysis
- Data storage and security
- Implementation of business intelligence tools

Security / Cybersecurity

Audit, strategy and implementation.

Microsoft solutions

Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365

The customers you'll be working with at Team Partners

Our customers

Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, including banking, luxury goods and watchmaking, and trading, as well as the public sector (cantons, hospitals, etc.).


Employee benefits

Among the benefits offered by our BU you can find the following:

  • An attractive salary
  • Loss of Earnings Sickness Insurance, enabling you to receive your salary in the event of illness for 700 days.


Because our blue talents have every right to take a break, we offer you :

  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Exceptional leave, whether for sickness, parental leave, marriage, PACS or death.


In addition to the package offered to our employees, our BU offers bonuses:

  • Co-optation bonuses paid upon validation of co-opted comrades' trial period
  • Business referral bonuses paid upon signature of the talent opportunity


According to Swiss and cross-border regulations.

Team Partners and you

Getting ready to join the adventure? Our teams are at your side on a daily basis to ensure that your professional journey along the blue flow is a smooth one.
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We can ask you to take a reference.
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Everyday life

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Daily life at Team Partners

Who's calling the shots?

Vincent FAYSSE

Managing Director, Team Partners

How to find us

Head office canton of Geneva

Route de Jussy
Thônex, Switzerland

Canton of Valais

Rue du Simplon
Martigny (VS)

Canton of Fribourg

Avenue de Beauregard
Fribourg (FR)

Would you like to join l‍'‍aventure Team Partners?

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