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HR & Recruitment

From employee support and training to recruitment, our HR teams do their utmost to ensure your comfort and peace of mind at blue flow.

3 3 different jobs

14 14 Business Units within the Group

30 30 talent within the group

Talent Manager

Our talent managers support our employees from recruitment through to training, integration and career management.

Guardian angels of our blue talents, they take care of the teams and their aspirations on a daily basis. Communication, negotiation and in-depth market knowledge are the main levers of action for this core talent.

Sourcing manager

With nearly 150 talents to be recruited and welcomed into the Group by 2022 in an ultra-competitive market, the role of our sourcing teams is vital. Their objective? To find candidates with profiles that match our needs.

Writing, advertising and talent hunting are their core activities.

HR Manager

Responsible for the company's recruitment policy, human relations management and social management, this captain of the company's human capital oversees all HR activities. Whether it's recruitment, transfers, health insurance or benefits, their office is always open for a question or a coffee.

Recruiting in the l‍'‍IT is not an easy job, and I'm not into the l‍'‍ idea that anyone can do recruiting. In recruiting our own teams, we had to look for people who s‍'‍inscribe with our way of thinking, our way of recruiting.
Marlène TeixeiraRecruitment and Training Manager Digital Factory

Our professions in the business units

Our HR and recruitment teams are constantly working to attract and develop talent. As a result, they are present in all 14 Group entities.
Blue Soft Belgium building in Brussels

Blue Soft Belgium

Our IT specialist in Belgium.
Blue Soft Holding building in Charenton-le-Pont


The blue talents business unit concentrates most of the support functions of the company and its subsidiaries.
Corridor in the Charenton-le-Pont premises

Cloud Infrastructure

The expert in infrastructure management, transformation and automation.
Woman with back working on her computer

Code Insider

The Software Craftmanship specialist.
Consulting team sharing breakfast at a seminar

Daylight Consulting

The consulting firm specializing in transformation management.
Woman with back working on her computer

Digital Factory

Our expert in designing digital solutions.
Lyon team working on computer


Our Microsoft ultra-specialist.
Reception area at our agency in Niort

Ileo Niort

Our firm focuses on business expertise in the mutual and insurance capital of France.
Kitchen corner in our Charenton-le-Pont premises

Le Renard Bleu

Our digital agency specializing in UX and UI.
Office fitted out for teleworking


The data specialist and user-centric digital transformation.
Team Partners during a team afterwork

Team Partners

Our IT specialist in Switzerland.

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