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Code Insider, specialist in the l‍'‍ craft of code

At Code Insider, our blue talents team is passionate about development, with the same desire to create clean, tested code, share their knowledge and keep learning.

The savoir‍-‍faire of Software Craftmanship.

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Code Insider is an ESN specializing in Software Craftsmanship, i.e. the best techniques and practices in software development. Our teams are driven by the same desire to create code and monitor technology! At Code Insider, we bring together the best developers in C# .NET & Java. At Code Insider, our team banishes the "quick & dirty", and produces high quality systems, thanks to their very solid technical level, innovative methodologies (TDD, BDD, DDD...), and the most advanced software development techniques.

40 40 employees

50 50 customers since 2015

12 12 afterworks per year

Code Insider, recognized code expertise

Clean Code

Programming practice that favors code that is readable, maintainable and understandable by all developers.


TDD (Test-Driven Development): an approach in which tests are written before code to guide development and ensure better quality. BDD (Behavior-Driven Development): development method that focuses on the software's expected behavior rather than on technical aspects.

Legacy Remediation

Legacy Remediation: The process of updating and improving old code or existing software to make it compatible with current standards and keep it up to date.


Philosophy of collaboration between development and operations teams to automate deployments and improve software delivery.


DDD (Domain-Driven Design): Software design method centered on the business domain, to create more adaptable and scalable applications.


XP (Extreme Programming): Agile methodology that encourages development practices such as pair programming and frequent code updates.

Serving ‍'‍a wide range of customers

Our customers

We collaborate on the best projects on the market using .NET and Java technologies, with the implementation of Crafts practices. We work with companies in a wide range of sectors, including banking, energy, mutual insurance, retail and the environment.


Employee benefits

Among the benefits offered by our BU you can find the following:

  • Code Insider covers 100% of your health insurance costs
  • Provision of a luncheon voucher with 60% reimbursement.
  • 100% reimbursement of transport tickets


Because our blue talents have every right to take a break, we offer you :

  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Reduced working hours (RTT) in accordance with the Syntec agreement (cadre)
  • Exceptional leave, whether for sickness, parental leave, marriage, PACS or death.
  • Leave acquired through seniority: 1 extra day every 5 years


In addition to the package offered to our employees, our BU offers bonuses:

  • Vacation bonus paid in July
  • A bonus for content creation


To work in the best possible conditions, insiders have at their disposal :

  • A computer for interns. For developers, computers are provided by customers.
  • A bag to carry your equipment
  • The Code Insider welcome pack

For people with disabilities or with an occupational health recommendation, we naturally provide adaptations to the work environment.


To help our talented people feel even more at home blue flow, our teleworking charter sets out a number of formalities:

  • 2 to 3 days per week per talent
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Training and certification

At Code Insider, we offer a personalized skills enhancement program, with tailor-made training courses and certifications, and coding dojos organized every 2 weeks.

Code Insider and you

Here are the steps that will make you a true Insider
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Your application is accepted. We work with you to prepare your skills file. We coach you for customer meetings. Then we choose the assignment, and check that everything is going well with follow-up points (triple interface).
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We offer you the support of a Code Insider mentor.
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Everyday life

On a day-to-day basis, our afterworks are a great way to bond. Our weekly newsletter will keep you up to date with the latest news, and a Workplace area will enable you to exchange ideas with other Insiders.
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Training and development

The program includes personalized coaching, coding dojos, mentoring, customized training and certification for our Insiders.

Insiders' daily lives

Who's calling the shots?



Benjamin VIDON


How to find us


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94220 Charenton-le-Pont

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