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Understanding everyday life

Finally comfortable at blue flow and gradually settling in? All that's left for you to do is live and work in our teams, with all that that implies.

C‍'‍est peut‍-‍être un détail pour vous...

But for us, it means a lot. Because once the integration period is over, everything doesn't stop, and little by little the daily routine settles in, here are a few things you should be aware of.


Within the Blue Soft group, telecommuting is standardized through our telecommuting charter. It authorizes our teams to telework two days a week, with the agreement of their manager and customer.

Right to disconnect

Because the well-being of our teams is a priority for us, in recent years we have formalized the right to disconnect. You'll find it mentioned in your employment contracts, discussed in workshops available for replay on our intranet and, of course, in your conversations with your management teams. Keep in mind? Even when you're surfing the web blue flow , you need to relax and take care of yourself.

Geographical mobility

Present in 9 locations in France and Europe, our teams are mobile. So, if you've joined us in a branch, you'll be able to sail off to different horizons while remaining within the Group.

Unifying moments

Whatever BU you're based in, we'll offer you the chance to share convivial moments, both on site... and from home! Don't forget: team buildings, challenges, well-being workshops, games...

Theme weeks

Every year, we organize 2 theme weeks: "CSR and Disability" and "Corporate Well-Being". Over 5 days, at least 10 workshops are offered to our remote teams. Yoga, cooking, feedback and expert presentations - it's a chance to take a little time for yourself.

Project Indigo

Every year, between November and December, we organize a nomination process for the associations that will be supported by the Group as part of our Project Indigo program. This is your chance to propose an association or project that is close to your heart, and to see it benefit from our support.

Project Indigo, c‍'‍is really a great idea. [...] It's in line with the philosophy and values that the group puts on Blue Soft. I've been working for a number of‍'‍years and this is the first time I've seen it!
Jean‍-‍François BérenguerDirector of Operations at Empower
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