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Philosophy & values

blue talents unites talents around a close-knit work experience. A common culture guiding us all in the same direction. Every employee builds his or her career along blue flow.

We believe in the power of blue flow and its ability to train all talents, while respecting differences.

In fact, that's how Blue Soft was built.

Harmonious and unifying, it has united entities with multiple profiles, and merged their strengths to gain in intensity.

In the same way, blue talents unites talents to sail together and enjoy an experience that is both individual and shared, where commitment, excellence and cohesion are central.

To enable us to achieve professional and personal fulfillment, the blue flow website moves, adapts, maps out multiple paths all heading in the same direction, and gets the whole crew on board the same boat.

To join Blue Soft, go to blue flow.

blue talentsbe the blue flow.

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Our values

Like our ship's compass, our values of commitment, cohesion and excellence guide our choices and directions, and those of our teams.


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We are committed to the fulfillment of our talents with concrete actions in favor of their personal and professional development. Listening and reliability are our watchwords for working in complete confidence.

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Like the Blue Soft group, which seeks to move forward together in harmony, our philosophy favors mutual support between Business Units and close relations with management.

Cohesion c‍'‍is getting people to work and all in the same direction. C‍'‍is really working hand in hand on a project that's the same for everyone.
Ludovic HayatCo‍-‍ president and founder of the group Blue Soft


Photo of our Ileo Niort team on the field at a rugby tournament

To be blue talents is to choose to join a challenge. The challenge of keeping up with technical developments, so as to always provide our customers with the most effective solutions. To do this, we support our crew in this constant challenge.

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