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We believe in the power of the current and its ability to drive everyone, while respecting differences. That's how the Blue Soft group was built.

Like a blue flow, harmonious and unifying, it has united entities with multiple profiles, and merged their strengths to gain in intensity. The Blue Soft group unites blue talents in the great ocean of the industrialization of the digital economy. Made up of digital services companies, it supports organizations in the implementation of their transformations. It works with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects. Its entities sail different seas: consulting, cloud, infrastructure, agile development, UX and UI, engineering and Microsoft solutions.

The blue flow symbolizes our commitment to building an ambitious and collective company with our employees. Our blue talents join forces to sail together and enjoy an experience that is both individual and shared, where commitment, excellence and cohesion are central.

To enable us to achieve professional and personal fulfillment, the blue flow website moves, adapts, maps out multiple paths all heading in the same direction, and gets the whole crew on board the same boat.

Code Insider subsidiary of the Blue Soft group , founded in 2015, Code Insider is a consulting company with expertise in advanced software methodologies: Clean Code, TDD, BDD, Legacy Remediation, DevOps, DDD, XP.

"How it's done is as important as the fact of doing it." - Sandro Mancuso.

At Code Insider, we advocate the artisanal side of software development, evangelizing good development practices to guarantee our customers the reliability and maintainability of their IT applications.

Using Microsoft and Java technologies, our Insiders strive to practice their art in order to provide our customers with code that is maintainable, of higher quality, and therefore more economical to develop over the long term!


Job objectives:
- Develop with different methodologies:
- Agility (Scrum, Kanban), XP
- TDD (Test-Driven Development), BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development), DDD (Domain Driven Design)

- Implement Best Practices for code: Clean Code , Code Review , Pair Programming , BBL , etc.

- Preventing technical debt through Refactoring

- Maintain and improve the mechanics of continuous delivery (automating the software production chain as far as possible): builds, unit and functional tests, code quality analysis, performance and load tests, deployment on different environments, etc.

- Participate in continuous improvement of techniques, team organization and processes

The Software Crafts(wo)man position at Code Insider revolves around 3 major axes:
o Assignments, hand-picked according to their technical interest

o Evangelizing best development practices by animating the community through technical events (dojos, meetups, hackathons, etc.).

o Ongoing technical monitoring, mainly through the Code Insider training program.

Your skills

Qualities required and nice to have :
o A strong interest in Software Craftsmanship and code quality: TDD, DDD, BDD, microservices, hexagonal architecture and even Peer Programming are your mantras!

o Be a pedagogue, and have the desire to pass on your knowledge, to train and be trained by our Insiders

It's all you:
o You're driven by the desire to always do better: Crafts is first and foremost a state of mind!
o You have boundless curiosity, and a desire to share within the community.
o You have a solid technical background, ideally with an academic degree in computer science.
o You already have experience as a .NET Design and Development Engineer.
Technically, you are familiar with the following stacks:
o Back-End: .Java framework
o Front-End: JavaScript / TypeScript and master at least one of these frameworks: Angular , React , Vue.js
o Good database skills
o You're familiar with the following technologies ! Git, Circle CI, ReSharper, NCrunch, NUnit, Sonar, Kibana, NFluent, SpecFlow
o You may have DevOps skills (GitLab, Docker , Kubernetes , etc.) and Cloud skills (Azure or AWS).
o For you, agility on a project is a matter of course!

This position is open to people with disabilities.

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