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We believe in the power of the current and its ability to drive everyone, while respecting differences. That's how the Blue Soft group was built.

Like a blue flow, harmonious and unifying, it has united entities with multiple profiles, and merged their strengths to gain in intensity. The Blue Soft group unites blue talents in the great ocean of the industrialization of the digital economy. Made up of digital services companies, it supports organizations in the implementation of their transformations. It works with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects. Its entities sail different seas: consulting, cloud, infrastructure, agile development, UX and UI, engineering and Microsoft solutions.

The blue flow symbolizes our commitment to building an ambitious and collective company with our employees. Our blue talents join forces to sail together and enjoy an experience that is both individual and shared, where commitment, excellence and cohesion are central.

To enable us to achieve professional and personal fulfillment, the blue flow website moves, adapts, maps out multiple paths all heading in the same direction, and gets the whole crew on board the same boat.

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A specialist in the insurance industry for over 15 years, we work on the business or project side in BUILD and RUN.
Depending on the end-customer and their organization, you will work in V, Scrum, Safe or Hybrid cycles.
Knowledge of insurance products is required:
- the impacts of the Pacte law are generating projects/evolutions on EPARGNE RETRAITE subjects
- life insurance EPARGNE
- Pensions
- Loan insurance
- Property & Casualty, in particular Professional Risks
- Health insurance
- Pay-as-you-go pensions
Of course, involvement in cross-functional subjects such as Marketing, Data, Editics/GED are an added bonus to the Management/Product aspect.

Your skills

You have knowledge of individual or group insurance products:
- Retirement savings
- Employee savings
- Life insurance savings
- Personal protection
- Loan insurance
- Health RO and Health RC
- Property and casualty, health, MRH, car/motorcycle, GAV, professional risks...
- Pay-as-you-go pensions
You have acquired a good MOA/PO methodology and are able to work in a V or Agile cycle:
- leading business workshops
- backlog management
- US drafting
- EB/CDC/CFG/ SFD writing
- functional and business acceptance testing: strategy, execution, anomaly management
- Production monitoring with incident management
- change management
Finally, you are rigorous and know how to organize yourself to monitor the progress of your subjects and know what has been consumed and what remains to be done.
Curiosity about the business required
Adaptability: context / tools / personalities

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